Single source responsibility

We can design, integrate, and commission equipment for every stage of the process, from upstream preparation, filtering and delivery of chemical melts, through the solidification process itself, to downstream conveying, storage, and bagging. System components may include:

  • Upstream heated tanks, pipework and filters.
  • Pumps, chillers, cooling towers.
  • Precrystallizers for subcooling melts.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Mixing and grinding equipment for suspensions.
  • Steel belt-based cooling/granulation systems:
    • Small to mid-size capacity Rotoform pastillation
    • High capacity drum granulation
  • Conveyors and components
  • Control panels/PLC systems
  • Stockpiling/reclaiming equipment
  • Bagging systems
  • Truck/rail/ship loading systems

We can also help you maximize productivity and achieve a faster ROI through:

  • Operator training e.g. best practice, safety, problem solving
  • Maintenance training e.g. planned maintenance, in-house repairs
  • Process training e.g. optimizing system performance / product quality
  • Service support e.g. service agreements, spare parts

In short, by assuming total responsibility for a project, we can not only ensure full system optimization but also deliver cost savings through significant project efficiencies.

Strength and stability of a global engineering group

Our systems are in use around the world – often in remote locations or challenging conditions – and we support them through a global service network. So wherever you’re based, you can get the support you need from IPCO.