Designed for removing carbon residues and potentially hazardous acrylamide from bake oven belts and wire mesh conveyors, the IPCO QuickCleaner can be used on any surface that comes into contact with food.

The process itself is quick, economical and extremely effective: a salt-based cleaning agent is blasted onto the surface at high pressure, cleaning, degreasing and sanitising in one efficient operation. As part of the same process, the salt – together with residues or other contaminating materials – is removed by means of a powerful vacuum.

The system features a cleaning hood that travels across the belt or material to be cleaned; settings can be adjusted to enable an entire belt width can be cleaned in single step. Use of the IPCO QuickCleaner can reduce cleaning times by as much as 70 per cent. As the process is clean and selfcontained, other areas of a production facility can remain fully operational.


  • Increase productivity – just close one line at a time
  • Increase profitability – Fast cleaning equals less downtime
  • Increase quality -fewer ‘out of spec’ products
  • Safe working environment – No aggressive chemicals