Global network of engineers

We have teams of trained and qualified engineers operating around the world. So wherever your production facility is situated, whatever the particular challenges presented by that location, we have the people and the equipment to cope. We have complete installations in the humid forest and South America, the freezing conditions of nothern Canada, the dry desert sands of the Middle East and in the remotest parts of Asia.

Cost effective commissioning

Once installed, the system is then commissioned and our expertise transferred, first hand, to your team. Work is completed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. And our professionalism and understanding of the system means you eliminate any risk of potential future disruptions – and associated costs – that could otherwise result from incorrect installation and commissioning.

Fully tested and documented

The next stage is to test run the system under production conditions, working hand in hand with your team to ensure that it is set up to deliver the throughput rates, product quality and process reliability you are looking for. All work is fully documented and you will be provided with detailed system information, instructions and datasheets, enabling full reproducibility of settings.