ProRelease System

The IPCO ProRelease System is a spray system that combines innovative design with precision engineering to achieve dramatic improvements in the application of release agents onto press belts. The result is game-changing: a cleaner belt, improved product quality and a significant reduction in the cost of consumables.

Revolutionize your press operation

Efficiently designed with precision engineering, the IPCO ProRelease system represents a game-changing approach to spray systems and application of release agents onto press belts. By achieving uniform and precise application through a unique spray bar design, consisting of nebulizer technology, this system delivers a cleaner belt, superior end product quality, and substantial reduction in consumable costs.

Efficient, targeted application of the release agent

Our patented ProRelease System features a unique spray bar design, one that creating turbulence between the nozzles and using a nebulizer to apply an extremely fine mist of the release agent onto the belt.

The spray nozzles are positioned to ensure homogeneous application of the liquid, and compressed air creates the required spray pattern. A second air supply cleans the system to ensure optimum performance at all times. The entire spray bar system is enclosed in a chamber that eliminates waste and prevents spray from entering the workplace.

Get a higher quality finish on your board products

The #1 benefit of the IPCO ProRelease System is a better quality end product. Efficient application of the release agent not only prevents sticking to allow clean discharge of the finished product but also results in a cleaner belt. The application of moisture also delivers higher board density. These factors combine to create a better, more uniform board surface, reducing the need for post-production sanding/grinding.

Bring your productivity levels to new heights

Premium quality board – improved density and surface finish

What’s in the box

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ProRelease System

The IPCO ProRelease System – the latest addition to our family of release agent spraying systems – has been designed to enhance production of wood-based panels and other materials.

ProRelease System in action

Find out how the IPCO ProRelease System brought significant cost savings at one of the leading wood producers in Europe, by reducing the consumption of release agents in 90%.

Ready to bring your production to new heights?

*Results can vary based on your specific product, manufacturing process, and existing application system.