High performance steel belts for the most challenging of high temperature applications.

Specialised steel belt technology for sintering furnaces

When your business involves processing materials at temperatures of 1400 °C, there’s no margin for error. We have been manufacturing perforated steel conveyor belts for sintering furnaces for many years and understand the technical challenges involved.

Steel belt sintering (SBS) furnaces provide a highly efficient means of converting different ores into pellets ores. These include ferrule chrome, niobium, iron, manganese and nickel, as well as steel plant dust. These ferroalloys are used for the production of stainless steel and specialty steels.

The material is conveyed through the furnace on a perforated steel belt that must be sufficiently strong and resistant to heat to deliver reliable operation in these conditions.

World-class manufacturing capability 

The manufacture of these belts requires particular expertise due to the size of the belt (3 mm thick, up to 6 m wide / 100 m long) and the perforations necessary to allow air to pass through the product. 

Our belts are designed to provide: 


IPCO steel bets for sintering in numbers

Reliable operation in temperatures up to



Sintering belts on



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