Lever-operated winch for all belt sizes

The winch works directly on the steel wire winch rope by means of self-locking jaws, gripping with a force proportional to the load. The jaws cannot open when the winch rope is loaded. The desired movement is achieved with a hand lever feeding 55 mm for each double stroke. The belt stretcher, working with one winch on each edge of the belt, fits all belt sizes including belts with TT-ropes. For belt stretching applications it is necessary to have a pair of winches and winch ropes and two pairs of belt clamps. All articles are separate items. The 10 m long winch rope is supplied with a hook with a safety lock. The maximum permissible load is 7.5 kN for hoisting and 12.5 kN for pulling.

Belt stretcher for belts up to 1500 mm in width

Robustly designed belt stretcher consisting of a pair of steel reinforced wooden clamping dogs with interconnecting tension bolts. The stretching force is achieved mechanically when the nuts on the tension bolts are tightened.