Sustainability: We`re working on it.

At IPCO, we know that sustainability matters to our customers, and it matters to us – as we outline in our sustainability report.

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Better information, greater transparency
We are working to increase the quality and quantity of data available regarding our supply chain and our emissions. We will also inform and engage the users of our belts and equipment about how they can reuse and recycle our products at end of life. Tell us about your sustainability goals.

Addressing our emissions
IPCO is driving down our CO2e emissions through our operations, our suppliers’ operations and the use of our equipment. Download our report

Promoting circularity
We are increasing the proportion of fossil-free materials we use and minimizing waste. Download our report

Supplier workforce
We are setting high labor, ethical and environmental standards in our supply chain. Download our report

Our role in the green transition
We enable the large-scale processing of sustainable materials with our technologies. We are constantly find better and more sustainable ways to do things through testing in our productivity centers, partnerships with innovation labs and investments in R&D.

This is IPCO


We love to share knowledge on our technologies, allowing large-scale production of various materials. Or tell us about your sustainability goals!
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