Since 2016 IPCO has participated in the DryBoost 2020 research project for Energy efficient thickening, dewatering and drying in paper making.

The project has targeted to develop and demonstrate new, more energy-efficient process solutions on a pilot scale, which it is thought could be implemented industrially within five years. In the case of tissue production and papermaking, energy consumption during the drying stage accounts for a significant portion of total energy needs. Thus, there is immense scope for energy efficiency if dewatering processes, such as wet pressing, and drying can be improved.

IPCO developed and delivered equipment; a steel belt based press- and drying prototype and know-how to the project. On October 31 a project summary workshop and a demonstration of the pilot equipment was held at RISE in Stockholm, Sweden.

One conclusion from the project is that IPCO has managed to develop a functioning prototype based on steel belts.

The project has been a collaboration between IPCO, Albany Int., IRCON, Valmet and RISE, with financing from the Swedish Energy Agency.