The productivity center capabilities include:

Equipment for dynamic testing of the solidification and granulation process

  • Multiple stationary and rental steel belt coolers with customizable feeding devices.
  • State of the art feeding devices include RF4G, RFHP, Casting box, temperature-controlled roll feeders, and heated feeding tubes.
  • Rentable double belt press.
  • Various heating and cooling systems for feeding of product to a feeding device.
  • Super-cooling preconditioning skid.

For prototype testing and product development

  • 1 Rotoform unit with a belt width of 1500 mm and cooling length of 5 m – for full scale prototype in-house testing as a last part of the product development process.

Dynamic testing is possible for materials from chocolate to urea or even road bitumen.

For dynamic testing of Film casting / drying

  • 1 Film casting line with a Venturi Dryer module plus two conventional impingement dryer sections with winding and unwinding unit. Casting on a steel belt or on a foil is possible.
  • The unit is able to handle water or solvent based casting solutions.
  • Wet or dry film thickness is variable as to the customer need. Normally approx. between 6 and 500 µm dry film thickness.
  • Hot air temperatures up to 250 °C are possible in the dryer, even higher temperatures are possible for the belt heating.
  • Casting width between 150 mm and  500 mm

Service to sales and customers

  • Feasibility testing (hand test) to give a first feedback about the possibility to solidify the product and to the expected capacity.
  • On-site support for rental units and demanding process applications.
  • Process optimization for customers who want to increase the productivity of their process.
  • Sales and engineering support in terms of process calculations.

R&D and joint development

  • Project management for product/process development projects.
  • Prototype development and testing of new products.
  • On-site support for prototype trials at selected customer production facilities.