Exhaust air filter upgrade

Exhaust air filter system for solidification operations

Fumes and dust generated during solidification operations must be captured before reaching the exhaust system.

The generation of fumes and dust is directly linked to the temperature of the liquid product and can be minimized by reducing product temperature to as low a level possible. However some fume/dust product is unavoidable.
The use of this purpose designed exhaust air filter system prevents product residuals from reaching the exhaust system, limiting fumes and dust to the product feeding area. As a result, the system beyond the filter remains clean and the overall exhaust function is protected.


  • The exhaust system after the filter remains/stays clean
  • Extended lifetime of the fans
  • Easy access
  • Fast exchange
  • Filter element can be easily cleaned
  • Manageable investment (low capex)
  • Significant savings in terms of opex


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