Single belt coolers

In-line production of food and chemical products in the shape of flakes, pastilles, strips or sheets.

The IPCO steel belt cooler is designed for in-line production of food and chemical products in the shape of flakes, pastilles, strips or sheets, all of which can be formed and cooled without additional process requirements.

Based on the IPCO steel belt, the system is versatile and can be adapted to meet the needs of specific applications, such as product thickness, temperature profile or processing times.

Advantages at a glance

  • Good operability/accessibility
  • Economical operation with low maintenance costs
  • Versatility – produce pastilles, strips, strip granulate, flakes, plates, sheets, etc.
  • Variable product thickness
  • Zoned cooling allows product-specific temperature profiles
  • Non-polluting

How the IPCO belt cooler works

The molten product is loaded onto the steel belt via a suitable feeding device such as a Rotoform pastillator, overflow weir feeder or stripformer. The heat released during cooling and solidification is eliminated through the steel belt with its excellent thermal conductivity.

The steel belt is sprayed on the underside with water from nozzles carefully positioned to ensure uniform cooling. The cooling water is collected in tanks and drained through an integral collecting pipe.

Closed circuit cooling

The process is simple and performance proven.There is no contact between the coolant and product, so neither is contaminated by the other; the product is not changed in composition and the cooling medium can be re-used without additional, expensive treatment.

Where the cooling medium is not re-used (e.g. river water) the system provides the major economic advantage that the water can be drained without risk of environmental pollution. Compared with direct air cooling methods, the IPCO steel belt cooler also has the benefit of no air pollution by dust, fumes or vapors.