In this application, a compound of differently sized particles, color pigments, and resin is uniformly spread across the width of the lower steel belt. The product’s thickness is precisely calibrated between two steel belts, with side retainers ensuring the sheet’s width.

Following calibration, the product undergoes controlled polymerization, curing, and cooling, before being cut to size by longitudinal and transverse cutters.

IPCO’s steel belt-based sheet casting technology is perfect for producing:

  • Artificial stone using acrylic or polyester resin
  • Mineral sheets from epoxy resin or PET
  • Thermoplastic sheets

Several benefits

The IPCO double belt press system offers a number of major process benefits compared with single belt systems for this growing application:

  • Symmetric conditions (processing from both sides)
  • Precise thickness calibration
  • Simple variation of product width