Its stainless steel construction ensures that clean, hygienic conditions can be maintained, and the latest model, the Rotoform 4G, features a number of system and design enhancements that enable easier and faster cleaning. These include mechanical seals and a low maintenance drive belt option to the chain drive.

As the world’s largest supplier of stainless steel belts to the food industry, we can also supply complete conveying lines. These systems can incorporate food hygiene features such as all-stainless steel framework, easy-to-clean design, food-approved bearings, and IP65 motors.

Cleanroom pastille production

Our engineers are experienced in working with companies for whom GMP or FDA-compliant production is required and can provide full support and advice.

German chemical engineering company Cremer Oleo took advantage of this expertise when they needed to incorporate GMP-compliant pastille solidification into their hard fat manufacturing process.

The system was built to the client’s precise specifications to offer enhanced cleanability, and also features an open, viewable construction. The client’s team was closely involved throughout the design process, working with IPCO on every last detail to ensure premium, GMP-compliant production from day one.