What types of personal data do we use and why

Categories of data Purpose

Contact data (such as name, business address, email address, and phone number)


Effective and efficient communication: respond to your questions, send information about products and services of interest to you; lead generation; communicate technical changes

Organizational data (such as which company and department you work in)


Efficient sales & marketing: understand what products and services information you would be interested in receiving

Health and safety data (such as incidences occurring during visits to our test and manufacturing facilities, and any injuries that may occur from use of our equipment)


Fulfil legal obligations to record incidents and claims management. Improve safety in hazardous environments

Travel data (such as visa and passport information, travel costs, itinerary)


Arrangement of travel to IPCO sites and events, including the arrangement of Visas

Information about the event you attended


Follow-up information regarding the product or service you showed interest in and to send you information about related products and services

Location, date and time of visit information


Travel and transfer arrangements

License plate number of vehicle


Facilitate and manage parking permits