The process itself is environmentally friendly. We can easily adapt it to meet low or high capacity requirements.

The product is fed onto the steel belt in the form of measured droplets. As they travel along the system, heat is transferred from the product to cooling water sprayed against the underside of the steel belt. The droplets are solidified into consistently-sized pastilles.

  • Hemispherical granules of uniform size for good handling and easy metering
  • Free-flowing product for easy transportation, blending, storage and subsequent reprocessing
  • Hemispherical product shape and low friability ensure minimum dust generation
  • High bulk density


The Rotoform 4G MC (Micropastillation) enables the production of pastilles as small as 1 mm diameter directly from the melt. As a result, there is no need to grind or crush larger granules. Pastilles of this size, known as micropastilles, have the advantage of being easier to dissolve, mix or dose in subsequent reprocessing.

High productivity Rotoform 4G

Our Rotoform 4G system offers even greater productivity, with a range of system enhancements combining to deliver more uptime and the ability to switch from one product to another more easily, more quickly and more cost effectively.

Qualified for Good Manufacturing

The properties and design of the Rotoform® system enable its use in production lines requiring Good Manufacturing Practice compliance. This makes it ideal for the pastillation of fat chemicals and emulsifiers for the food industry.