Tomato sorting

Proven performance across
the food processing industry

The unique combination of properties of a steel belt make it the ideal medium on which to base any food processing operation in which hygiene, durability and corrosion resistance are essential. And it is for this reason that we at IPCO have supplied hundreds of steel belts to customers throughout the tomato processing industry.

Their key benefits in these applications are:

Easy cleaning for maximum hygiene

Smooth, hard and inert, a steel belt is completely non-absorbent and 100% safe with food. These properties, together with a completely flat surface with no hiding place for germs, make cleaning easier and more effective than with any other conveyor material. In short, a steel belt is the most hygienic conveying material available, with the lowest post-wash bacteria levels in the tomato industry.

Long-life for good return on investment

Inherently durable and hard-wearing, steel belts are designed to last. Coupled with the reassurance of our global service and maintenance operation, you can expect your steel belt to deliver many years’ reliable service and deliver an excellent return on your investment.

Environmental benefits

The long working life and 100% recyclability of steel makes it the right environmental choice compared with other conveyor materials. Furthermore, some of our customers have reported savings of up to 70% in the water required for belt cleaning and sanitizing compared to plastic belts.


Another key property of a steel belt in tomato sorting and selecting operations is the high resistance to citric and malic acids of the 1200SA belt grade material.

Wherever there’s a need for maximum hygiene – from surgical tools to catering equipment – the material of choice is stainless steel. If you’d like to discuss the benefits of putting stainless steel conveyors at the heart of your tomato sorting and selecting operation, we’d be delighted to work with you.


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