Hydrocarbon Engineering is hosting our webinar “Handling the asphaltene/pitch stream for residue upgrading processes” on 12 July. You can sign up here, totally free of charge: https://bit.ly/3P65aIw

In this webinar, Marvin Petit-Homme, Global Product Manager Residual Products, and Bernd Fischer, Process Development Engineer and Application Specialist, will provide an in-depth explanation of both the pastillation and flaking solidification processes.

Join in to learn the required physical properties of a molten asphaltene pitch residue for the solidification process. Learn about the environmental considerations for exhaust vapours, utility and plot plan requirements.

What’s more, the Senior Editor of Hydrocarbon Engineering will be hosting a live Q&A session with IPCO, providing you with a great opportunity to ask your burning questions!

Simply click here to register: https://bit.ly/3P65aIw