Some weeks ago, a new sulphur processing terminal was officially inaugurated at the Port of Antwerp. The terminal is operated by Duval, a subsidiary of German chemical marketing and logistics services company solvadis.

The facility in Belgium receives liquid sulphur from a number of refineries in Western Europe and uses IPCO’s high-speed Rotoform HS technology to handle the solidification process. Together with existing liquid sulphur storage tanks, the new sulphur-forming facility is the largest sulphur storage and processing hub in Northwest Europe. This is the latest example of a growing trend in the sulphur industry to outsource downstream, post-refinery processing to specialist logistics companies.

The solidification facility is based arount multiple IPCO Rotoform HS lines in parallel, each with the capacity to process several tons of pastillated sulphur per hour.

Please read more in our common article published in the 10.2022 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering and find out why IPCO was chosen to handle this project: