Laser Cleaner

You know how important it is to maintain a clean bake oven belt and we’ve made it easy for you do to just that with an innovative cleaning system based on laser technology. The laser is installed above the belt and as the belt travels beneath the beam, deposits are burnt off and collected by a vacuum system. Once the strip has been cleaned, the laser head can be moved across to the next section. Depending on belt size and level of build-up, a typical bake oven belt can be cleaned in a day.

The key benefit of the service is speed; a typical bake oven belt can be cleaned in a day (depending on belt size and level of build-up), significantly faster than cleaning by hand or dry ice, which can take two days or more. And the results are immediate: full production can recommence straight away (no ‘waste’ batches) and product discharge is noticeably improved.

The other major benefit is that this is a much cleaner process than other technologies – in most cases adjacent lines will not need to be closed down.

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