The beauty and personal care market is estimated to be worth anything from $300-§500 billion a year, with some predicting it will reach $800 billion by 2025 – about the same as the GDP of Switzerland. Whatever the actual figure, that’s a lot of make-up, perfume, toiletries, deodorants and haircare/skincare products.

The production of cosmetics involves the use of a wide range of base materials and chemical additives (e.g. lanolin, bees wax, fatty alcohols, waxes, organic compounds, pigments, resins and surfactants). All these eventually come into contact with the human body in some way or another, so they all have to be processed in a manner that conforms with high standards of quality and hygiene, formalised in the form of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations, the primary objectives of which include the prevention of harm to the end user and ensuring that the product is free from contamination.

IPCO has been supplying Rotoform pastillation systems to the wider chemical industry since the late 1970s and has adapted its core technologies to meet these specific demands of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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