Representatives from IPCO and NFW in front of the double belt press IPCO has designed and produced to enable large-scale production of plant-based leather alternative, MIRUM® Dirk Zikeli, Chief Engineering Officer, NFW; Håkan Buskhe, CEO, FAM and Chairperson, IPCO; Dr. Luke Haverhals, CEO, NFW; Robert Hermans, CEO, IPCO and Steve Zika, President, NFW. 

IPCO and NFW strategic partnership enables large-scale production of sustainable, plant-based leather

NFW, a US-based start-up, providing plastic-free, high-performance materials for the fashion, footwear, upholstery, and automotive industries, will move into large-scale production with IPCO double-belt press technology.

IPCO has agreed to enter into a partnership agreement, where IPCO will invest in NFW to support and accelerate the scale-up of the production of its sustainable leather.

“By investing in NFW’s future, we’re showing IPCO’s strong commitment to NFW’s scale-up and future success, and we can secure long-term opportunities in a growing and sustainable field. We see tremendous growth potential in segments and application areas linked to the green transformation”, comments IPCO’s CEO Robert Hermans.

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