Rotoform 4G AS

Pastillation of abrasive and sedimenting melts

The Rotoform 4G AS has been specially developed for the pastillation of abrasive and sedimenting melts, typically those containing solids – in form of a powder or ground material – of a severely abrasive nature

A number of special design features have been incorporated to ensure successful handling of these product types

  • Low volume processing means fewer solids in the system at any one time, reducing the possibility of separation from the basic melt.
  • High velocity product flow reduces the time available for separation to take place.
  • Interior workings designed to eliminate the possibility of ‘dead corners’ where sediments might separate.

Throughout, the system has been designed with very few moving parts, reducing friction to a minimum

The development of the Rotoform 4G AS opens the door to the efficient processing of a number of materials previously thought to be impossible to pastillate, including:

  • Catalysts (nickel catalyst which contains up to 30% sharp edged nickel powder)
  • Sulphur bentonite (a suspension of elemental sulphur and up to 10% bentonite, a special form of clay)
  • Stearate
  • Suspensions of wax and solids

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