Rotoform S8

Premium Rotoform solidification for small to medium capacity requirements

The Rotoform S8 has been specifically developed for the pastillation of sulphur. It is designed for small to mid-size capacity requirements and is the world’s most widely used process for the production of premium quality sulphur pastilles.

A combination of factors, including an on-stream factor of about 97%, unrivalled product uniformity, direct-from-the melt pastillation and environmentally friendly operation, have combined to make Rotoform the world’s favourite premium sulphur solidification process, with more than 700 units now supplied for this application.

Sulphur, whether derived from natural sources or as a by-product of oil, gas or chemical processing, is produced in liquid form at temperatures between 125-130 °C. A molten product of this nature can be difficult – and expensive – to transport, handle and store, so it is commonly formed into a more manageable solid product.

Pastilles to SUDIC premium quality specification

Rotoform pastillation provides the ideal solution for this, delivering a formed product with a number of important benefits:

  • Low friability and excellent resistance to impact abrasion (low visual dust generation).
  • Good flow characteristics with high angle of repose.
  • High purity and consistent quality.
  • Low residual H2S (<10ppm).
  • Low moisture content (the Rotoform process doesn’t increase moisture content).
  • Easy remelt (no agglomeration).
  • No need for grinding or crushing (eliminating the costs and environmental problems, e.g. noise and dust, usually associated with these processes).
  • Unrivalled uniformity.

The efficiency of this single step, liquid-to-solid process results in a product quality classified as ‘premium’ as defined by the Sulphur development institute of Canada (SUDIC) specifications.

Versatile sulphur processing with low environmental impact

The Rotoform is ideally suited to small/mid-size capacity sulphur solidification requirements, its modular system design enabling several machines run in parallel. This can provide the flexibility to cope with changing throughput requirements or planned maintenance, as one or more units can be shut down and restarted at short notice.

It is also a process with low environmental impact (minimal dust and virtually no emissions), and the fact that the cooling water never comes into direct contact with the sulphur means there is no need for a water treatment system at the solidification stage.

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