ThermoPress HB

ThermoPress HB – the quality of a steel belt on a PTFE press

The hybrid design of IPCO’s ThermoPress HB double belt press combines the unsurpassed release quality of a PTFE belt with the unique surface structure of a steel belt and enables the economical production of composite products with a class A surface on one side.

This makes it the ideal solution for products such as cladding, or the wide range of composite materials used across the automotive industry for interiors/exteriors, body parts, RVs, trucks/trailers and containers.

Systems can be supplied as complete end-to-end solutions encompassing the ThermoPress HB double belt press, Scatter Pro scattering units and all associated feed and downstream handling equipment.

For quick and easy product release without films, liners or release agents, our ThermoPress HB systems can be supplied with IPCO QR (Quick Release) steel belts.

Features and benefits

  • High quality end products with lower production costs.
  • PTFE upper belt for release properties,
  • Steel lower belt for Class A surface quality and exceptional durability.
  • Steel belt performance, PTFE belt press economy.
  • Belts surface finishes to suit different applications; up to 3 200 mm wide.

Pressure diagram

Pressure module options

A choice of three pressure modules is available for the ThermoPress HB system (all modules can be retrofitted to existing system).