ThermoPress TB

ThermoPress TB – low pressure technology with PTFE belts

IPCO’s press series ThermoPress TB features PTFE-coated belts and counter-pressure elements. Capable of incorporating several process stages in one continuous system, these presses are suitable for a wide range of applications.

ThermoPress TB example incorporating nip rollers in the heating zone and S-roller pressure elements:

The ThermoPress TB series ranges from the low-pressure double belt laminator to models that make use of additional pressure applying elements: nip rollers, S-rollers and counter-pressure rollers. All modules can be retrofitted to existing systems).

Features and Benefits

  • Speed of output.
  • Accurate control of temperature and pressure.
  • Low mechanical stress in materials.
  • High quality end product.

Pressure diagram

Pressure module options

A choice of three pressure modules is available for the ThermoPress TB system (all modules can be retrofitted to existing system).