Shining stars

On International Women’s Day, we are taking the opportunity to highlight three of our fantastic women, and how they are contributing to IPCO while growing their careers.

Jessica Einarsson was IPCO’s first female trade union chair. She joined the company in 2005, starting her career by working on our machines, then took parental leave for a year and a half, before returning to the machines. She has always held an interest in workplace rights so became involved with the trade union. She chaired the trade union board for seven years.

“During that time, I worked very closely with our HR department, so I started as an HR administrator. In January this year, I became an HR Generalist where I work more globally.

“Embracing new challenges has always been an aspect of my career journey that I love. I’m really interested in people, so I find it rewarding to work with different nationalities and personalities. We all have different opportunities in life and if I can help someone reach their potential, then that is a nice feeling.”

Sevcan Duman joined IPCO 14 years ago, embarking on a journey of growth, achievement and dedication. She worked her way up to her current role of Market Manager, covering Turkey and parts of the Middle East including Pakistan, but her positions over the years have taken her to Austria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary and more.

“Diversity enriches every company and makes it stronger. It gives us different viewpoints, different experiences, sometimes totally different perspectives– and that leads to better solutions and success.

“By celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion, we make our workplace more productive and engaging, and learn more about others and about ourselves.”

Akina Nishide hopes her career progression can influence others to follow her path. She has been with IPCO for 13 years and was promoted into a management role two years ago. Now Financial and Administration Manager, her extensive knowledge and experience mean she’s a valued and trusted colleague who works effectively and efficiently.

“I love having a global role, where I can mix with different people. The variety of viewpoints gives us interesting and different perspectives, which are fresh and innovative for the business.

“I enjoy my management role where I can be a good influence on colleagues and encourage those around me – I hope my career path can be a good model for others to follow.”

Commenting on our three fantastic featured women, IPCO’s Vice President of HR, Communication & Sustainability, Linda Ahlqvist, said: “Jessica, Sevcan and Akina are all shining examples of hard work and determination to succeed, and demonstrate our strength in diversity.

At IPCO, we always have diversity and inclusion front of mind when recruiting – while ensuring we have the best candidate for the job.