Flat, smooth and stable, IPCO carbon steel bake oven belts deliver reliable performance, optimum bake quality and exceptional versatility, and are used by bakeries around the world for products as diverse as biscuits, brownies, crackers, pastries, energy bars, part-baked bread, sponges, all-butter cookies, pizza bases and more.

Solid and perforated steel belts are low maintenance and easy to clean – which means high productivity – and their lightness compared with other materials means energy savings and lower carbon footprint.

  • Low weight = up to 30% energy/heat savings.
  • Wide belts – up to 3 500 mm – for up to 4x productivity.
  • Easy to clean for maximum hygiene and minimum downtime.
  • Service and bake oven upgrades.

Steel belts and conveyor solutions

Our bake oven belts are produced in steel grade IPCO 1100C. This hard-wearing material guarantees product quality and delivers years of excellent and predictable service with a belt that stays flat, keeps its shape and maximizes production output.

We supply solutions from belt supply and installation to design support and a full range of conveyor components.

Worldwide steel belt service support

We can help you to maximize belt lifetime and keep downtime to the absolute minimum through a global steel belt service operation.

  • Service line for 24/support.
  • Planned maintenance and preventative work.
  • Easy access to specialist service technicians worldwide.
  • Steel belt inspection, repair and replacement.
  • Customer seminars and in-house training.