IPCO is the world’s largest manufacturer of steel bake oven belts, supplying OEMs and end users around the world. With its flat, smooth surface and outstanding thermal properties, a IPCO bake oven belt delivers perfectly baked cookies, biscuits, cakes, bread and more. Add exceptional ease of cleaning for maximum hygiene and unparalleled durability for a great return on investment and you have a guaranteed recipe for success.

Unparalleled versatility for bakeries

Available in solid or perforated form, steel belts are suitable for baking products as diverse as bread, biscuits, brownies, crackers, pastries, sponges, all-butter cookies and pizza bases, and can also be used in finishing operations such as cutting, creaming and chocolate enrobing.

Exceptional baking performance

The thermal properties of a steel belt make it ideal for an application where temperatures can reach as high as 400ºC. The belt remains stable, provides excellent thermal conductivity for good baking performance and consistent product quality, and delivers clean product release, ensuring that high product quality standards are maintained.

High standards of hygiene

Its hard, flat, smooth surface also means it’s easier – and therefore more economical – to clean than a wire mesh belt, enabling the highest standards of hygiene to be maintained.

Low energy consumption for environmental benefits

Being significantly lighter than other conveying materials, steel belts have lower operating costs as less energy is needed to ‘drive’ the belt through the oven. They also cost less to heat, and as up to 25% of a bake oven’s total energy is used to heat the belt, this means significant potential for savings.

Long-lasting solutions

Steel belts offer good tension and tracking characteristics – and resistance to stretching – for low maintenance requirements. The exceptional durability means that a working life of 20+ years is not unusual.

Cleaning and sanitising

IPCO’s QuickCleaner system is an innovative cleaning and sanitising process that removes the carbon residues – and potentially hazardous acrylamide – that can build up on bake oven belts.