Precision double applicator with rotary and oscillating brush

Scattering system with rotary and oscillating brushes for simultaneous scattering of two different materials

Typical applications for this IPCO precision scattering unit include:

  • Simultaneous scattering of two different materials
  • Fibers, fabrics, films, glass fiber
  • Recycled materials
  • Powder

A special designed funnel-shaped double charging hopper stores the materials to be scattered. Inside the hopper the materials are uniformly distributed and the level is kept constant during the scattering process.

The formation of cavities and decomposition of the material is avoided through the use of an agitator blade. The scattering rollers are mounted below the hopper and are designed according to the requirements of the material to be scattered.

Oscillating brush system

The powder is picked up by the scattering roller and stripped at a flexible doctor blade, ensuring even distribution of the material over the whole scattering width. The scattering roller is driven by a servo drive that ensures the scattering of the required quantity (g/m2) onto the product. A specially designed oscillating brushoff device ensures accurate and uniform distribution of the scattering material.

Rotary brush system

The material is picked up by the scattering roller and stripped at a rigid doctor blade. After that the accurately dosed material is conveyed to a rotating brushing device. The brushed-off material is uniformly mixed with the material coming from the oscillating scattering machine in a whirl chamber. Through centrifugal force the mixed material slides over a mask onto the substrate or conveyor.


  • Simultaneous scattering of two different types of materials
  • Automatic admission of powders and fibers
  • Cost saving because of two scattering machines combined in one housing
  • Less space requirement
  • Automatic feeding systems can be installed on top of the scattering machines
  • Standard scattering widths from 1,000 – 3,000 mm