This innovative moulding line is based on the Rotary Depositor Module, an extremely reliable unit with low maintenance requirements. The module features an exchangeable outer shell enabling production of chips in sizes from 30,000-300 pcs/kg.

The drops are deposited onto a 1500 mm steel belt conveyor and transported through the cooling tunnel. They are carried back on the underside of the return stand before being removed onto an FDA PVC conveyor. They travel back through the tunnel for a third time and are discharged for downstream processing.

This triple pass cooling concept enables throughput rates of more than 3000 kg/hour from a compact system with a low floorspace requirement – total length is approx. 35 m.

The line also incorporates a separate strip extruder and software adjustable servo cutter capable of up to 1000 cuts a minute (16 cuts per second) for chunks from 5x5x5 mm up to 10x6x15 mm.

Walk-through cooling tunnel

Our Triple Pass Steel Belt Cooler is designed on a walk-through principle. This means that the system, while contained in an outer enclosure, is fully accessible with internal lighting and easy access to all parts. This is the most accessible, ‘open’ cooling tunnel on the market.

This enclosure also serves to create a contained environment for a stable, rapid cooling process with no risk of moisture.

  • Triple pass steel belt cooling tunnel
  • Chips from 30,000-300 pcs/kg
  • Chunks from 5x5x5 mm to 10x6x15 mm
  • High output >3000 kg/hour
  • Flexible/quick changeover <30 min
  • Servo cutter
  • Minimum footprint – 35 m long
  • Walk-through design, easy access
  • High OEE and efficiency
  • Low maintenance, easy cleaning
  • Requires only standard utilities / compressed air