In addition, the fact that the belt can be supplied in an endless loop – in widths up to 2250 mm (88.58 in.) – means that production is both continuous and highly efficient.The use of a steel belt means that the freezing system can be operated at low temperatures (down to –50ºC/–58ºF) while also accommodating the need for fluctuating temperatures to allow for freezing and defrosting cycles.

Coffee freezing based on steel belts and impingement technology

Recent years have seen all the world’s major instant coffee producers install IPCO systems, reflecting the fact that freezing – with subsequent vacuum drying – has proved the optimum process in terms of efficiency and product quality, compared with other methods that have been tried over the years.

Our coffee freezing process makes use of the latest impingement technology to deliver a number of advantages compared with previous methods including reduced freezing times, enhanced product quality, minimal moisture loss from the product and reduced plant dimensions.

The IPCO coffee freezing process itself is simple but effective. The coffee is fed onto the steel belt in form of a uniform foamy, pasty layer, and is then frozen by means of cold air blasted over the product at high velocity to guarantee rapid and uniform heat transfer.

An automated system of air flaps ensures quick and controlled defrosting of the plant. The steel belt conveyor itself is equipped with an automatic belt tensioning system and correct belt tracking is ensured by means of an automatic tracking system.

We are able to supply all associated equipment including belt heating, product feeding and breaking, overflow collection and calibration of layer thickness, and can design, engineer and install complete installations to meet the most demanding of production requirements.