Combining three production lines in a single unit delivers a forming capacity of between 4-6 tonnes per hour – depending on chip size. It also allows the production of different recipes or product shapes/sizes at the same time.

This ultra-efficient design – overall length is just 40 m – enables producers to dramatically increase productivity without having to invest in infrastructure.

Maximum productivity and product quality is assured by the use of Rotary Depositor Modules on each line. Suitable for the production of chips from 30,000-300 pcs/kg, the IPCO RDM module delivers a consistently sized product at throughput rates of up to 2000 kg/hour. The outer depositor shell can be removed and replaced to enable production of chips of a different size, with changeover in less than 30 minutes.

The cooling tunnel itself delivers controlled cooling and solidification of the chocolate chips for a consistent, high quality end product in a form ideal for easy handling, bagging, dosing, mixing and remelting.

  • Triple layer plastic belt cooling tunnel
  • Three separate depositor modules
  • Enables different recipes or product sizes at the same time
  • Chips from 30,000-300 pcs/kg
  • High output – up to 6000 kg/hour
  • Flexible/quick changeover <30 min
  • Minimum footprint – 40 m long
  • High OEE and efficiency
  • Low maintenance, easy cleaning