The Rotoform pastillation system transforms molten product into uniformly sized pastilles through an innovative and precise process. A pump transports the molten product from a storage vessel to the Rotoform system via heated pipes, ensuring the material remains in a liquid state.

At the heart of the system is the Rotoform, featuring a heated cylindrical stator that receives the liquid product and a perforated rotating shell. This shell turns around the stator, and through a nozzle bar, deposits product drops uniformly across the width of a continuously running stainless steel belt.

Built-in baffles and internal nozzles within the stator guarantee uniform pressure and flow through the perforated shell, ensuring consistent pastille size across the belt. The system’s design allows for the synchronization of the Rotoform’s rotation speed with the belt, enabling a gentle deposition of the liquid droplets.

Heat from the cooling and solidification process is efficiently transferred to cooling water sprayed beneath the belt. This water, which never contacts the product, is then recirculated through a recooling system.

Residual product on the shell is redirected back into the Rotoform by a heated refeed bar, maintaining the system’s efficiency and cleanliness.

This detailed process underscores the effectiveness of IPCO’s Rotoform pastillation system in producing pastilles of uniform size and quality, showcasing our commitment to innovation in pastillator technology.

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