A pump delivers the molten product from a vessel or pit to the Rotoform system via heated pipes and a filter.

The Rotoform itself consists of a heated cylindrical stator – which is supplied with liquid product – and a perforated rotating shell that turns concentrically around the stator. Product drops are deposited by the nozzle bar across the whole oiperating width of a continuously running stainless steel belt.

A system of baffles and internal nozzles built into the stator provides uniform pressure across the whole belt width, providing an even flow through all holes of the perforated rotary shell.

This ensures that all pastilles are of uniform size, from one edge of the belt to the other.

The rotation speed of the Rotoform is synchronized with the speed of the belt to allow a gentle deposition of the liquid droplets onto the moving belt. Heat released during cooling and solidification is transferred via the steel belt to cooling water sprayed underneath.

This water is collected in tanks and and returned to the water recooling system; at no stage does it come into contact with the product.

After the drop has been deposited onto the steel belt, some product residuals could remain to the outer shell. A heated refeed bar forces this product back into the Rotoform and keeps the outer shell clean.

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